Thursday, May 20, 2010

To Kid or Not Kid.... this is THE question.

I've found myself in a VERY difficult spot. Yes - this is all my doing. Mark has nothing to do with this. I've confirmed with people that I want to have children attend our wedding, and yet, at the same time, I'm very torn with the idea, but I've already tossed out there. I want the adults to have a fantastic time, without having to worry about their children. Does that mean that I get a babysitter and have them watch the children at the hotel? Does that mean to not have children attend the wedding at all? Do I allow people to bring their kids who want to? Do I make it an option? So here we go... a Pro's and Con's list for the reasons why we SHOULD provide a babysitter:

1) Adults will have a relaxed, great time
2) Adults will not have to worry about where their child is all night long
3) No crying during the ceremony

1) They're family members too and should be apart of the celebrations.
2) I love children.
3) They make for great entertainment

I guess I could go on and on, but the bottom line actually belongs to #1 on the Con's section. We are going to have children attend the wedding. They're apart of our lives and should partake in the celebration. Now... I won't stop anyone who doesn't want their kids there. It's up the the parents, but children are indeed welcome to attend our wedding, and will even have their own dinner selection.

As always, the more the merrier!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Linens and Things..

So... you would think that a place of business, such as a site dedicated to nothing but parties, would house their own linens. Multiple colors. Beautiful colors. Purples; yellows; blues; greens; neon, for crying out loud. Anything other than just black and white. Okay, okay - they have royal blue, hunter green, yellow and red. That's what they provide in their bag o' tricks. No wonder they "don't charge you to use their linens".

I digress.

I'm looking into linen colors. Obviously. :) I think I've decided on something like this:

I like the colors. I love how everything pops! Mark on the other hand is a little apprehensive about the brown table cloth and turquoise runner. He just needs to see it in order to really get a full concept of the colors. I also like the gold table settings. They seem to make the colors come to life. What do ya'll think? Like? Don't like?
Now to keep it on the cheap. Anyone have any friends in the fabric / linen industry who could provide these colors at a discounted rate? Or any websites that could be of cost savings?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

12 months and Counting!

Okay.. so we're at the 1 year mark! AHHHHHHHH!! I'm actually not nervous at all. Just feeling overwhelmed. There is still a lot to do. A lot more than I originally thought about. Then again, I could be turning all of this into something it shouldn't be. And that sounds about right for me! Mark on the other hand, is one of those guys who takes things as they come. He doesn't want to deal with it until it presents itself. I see that as not being much of a planner (which ya kinda need in a wedding), and he see's it as not getting stressed.
I think he's got a better view-point then I do. I need to realize that it's just ONE day, and nothing more than a big party. The colors, the lights, the music, the "this" and the "that" will all be apart of this wedding, but just take it on the day it presents itself and figure it out immediately. As long as there is a wedding (and alcohol) then we're going to be just fine!
This past weekend, Mark's parents came down from Dallas for a visit. It was so fantastic to see them! (Rocky too!) They arrived on Friday evening, where we popped open some wine, made some shish-ka-bobs, and chatted all night long. My parents were wanting to see them as well, so they also came over. It was great having both of our parents at our house. Bringing up memories of Wilson, (Mark's mom grew up there too!! [small world]) and discussing how Mark and I met. :)

Life has a way of becoming overwhelming, but as long as you have family around to support you, you're blessed in more ways then you'll ever imagine. We're very lucky to have two families who are amazing!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

See Where This Goes

So life is a Golden Adventure - or so it will be in about 12 1/2 months! My name is Kathie, and I will soon be marrying my love, my companion, and my best friend, Mark, next April 2011. I figured this would be a great for those who might not know Mark, or those who might not know me, or for those who just want to snoop around and see whats happening in our world! We love ya! Come on in!

To date... a lot has actually been accomplished. We've picked a date - April 23rd, 2011 (Easter Weekend); chosen a venue for both the ceremony and reception (; decided on colors (peacock colors!), attendants, food, and found a dress (sorry! Mark's ganna read this. No-link-for-you!).


Thats a lot just thinking about it! But there is so much more to come that I'm excited for the both of us!

Today, Mark and I discussed budget. (que scary music - don, don, dooooonnn!) Yes - budget. No one really like talking about money - especially when there isn't much to disperse. And it wasn't unlike changing a dirty diaper, really. Dirty, a handful, and patched quickly! (sorry!) But it had to be done. We decided that the cheaper, the better. We'll provide plenty of drinks - and you won't even remember we skimped on food. Ha! Only kidding, but we're going to try and keep things minimal on the back side. So you, our families, won't even notice. I'll keep everyone updated on what we're doing - how we're purchasing things - and hopefully how we're saving money along the way!

and of course, I say this now, knowing in full confidence, that we're going to be over-budget. HAHA... C'est la vie!